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Art exhibitions London

My blog is like a visual diary disclosing experiments, wrong turns, small discoveries & breakthroughs in contemporary art.  When visiting art exhibitions in London, I write, record and discuss what artists do to invigorate my painting practice.

My ‘Art Exhibitions London’ reviews are also about helping people to know more, do more and be more.

Stuart Bush Studio Blog Van Gogh

Life on the end of a brush – Van Gogh review

Life on the end of a brush – Van Gogh review London in the 1870s was an exciting place to obverse people and places. It was overtly brimming with life.  Van Gogh arrived in London in 1873 at 20 years old and spent just under three years as an art dealer’s assistant. Although he didn’t start painting until four years after he left, this exhibition at Tate Britain proposes that London had a significant impact on his art and influenced many of his works. I went along to take a closer look at Van Gogh’s paintings and to see what I thought of the exhibition claims and see life on… Read More »Life on the end of a brush – Van Gogh review

David Salle undresses the role of the artist and writer, Stuart Bush Studio Blog

David Salle review

David Salle undressing the role of the artist and the writer Entering the Skarstedt gallery, I saw the first crowd-pleaser, ‘S.P. Divide’, (2018-19). I feel a little overwhelmed as my eyes darted from one part to another.  The visual strength and energy come from the pace of imagination and the zing of the image.  Looking at the subject matter in the series of paintings I am drawn towards David Salle’s use of illustrative cartoons which contrast with the colourful stripes and jumbled images.  The strips and monotones cartoons create a stark contrast.  I try to make sense of the visual rules, patterns and processes, which l find are reminiscent of our overloaded… Read More »David Salle review

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Tracey Emin, ‘A Fortnight of Tears,’ review

Tracey Emin, ‘A Fortnight of Tears,’ exhibition review Tracey Emin’s career was made on ‘My bed’ (1998) and ‘Everyone I have Ever Slept with 1963-1995’ (1995).  Other career highlights include Charles Saatchi’s ‘Sensations’ exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1997, her Turner Prize nominee in 1999, and her large retrospective at the Hayward Gallery in 2011.  Emin’s reputation has been founded on not only making upfront work and disclosures documenting her colourful life but also for her mastery and skill with a brush in her hand.  I went to her latest show at the White Cube in Bermondsey titled ‘A Fortnight of Tears,’ to see if Emin, now that she is 55 and a Royal Academician,… Read More »Tracey Emin, ‘A Fortnight of Tears,’ review

Stuart Bush Studio notes, Anni Albers review

Anni Albers weaves her magic

Anni Albers at Tate Modern (11 October 2018 – 27 January 2019) There was clearly was a buzz in the room when I entered the show at the Tate Modern. It was Saturday afternoon and the show was packed with inquisitive faces.  Anni Alber’s exhibition was arranged to highlight her life’s work and show how her ambitious ideas started.  The ancient craft of weaving portrays the potential to impact peoples lives with beauty and functionality on its own terms. Textiles are at the heart of many cultures and this knowledge is passed on through the generations.  In this exhibition, Anni Albers weaves her magic, by combining the attitude of the… Read More »Anni Albers weaves her magic

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Isle D’Hollander – in and out of abstraction

In and Out of Abstraction There is something very solitary about Isle D’Hollander’s art. She paints modest and subtle paintings that float in and out of abstraction.  In this review of her exhibition at Victoria Miro in Mayfair, I want to discuss her work as she immerses herself in the now, and interpret the open questions she asks through painting.   D’Hollander’s paintings are like a form of mediation with the Belgian landscape; as she tries to capture aspects of the illusion we see.  The uncomplicated studies are painted from memory after long walks and cycle rides.  They have a tranquillity resembling the gently, rolling, green landscape. They are instruction us to be… Read More »Isle D’Hollander – in and out of abstraction

Kerry James Marshall, Stuart Bush Studio Blog

Kerry James Marshall: History of painting

Kerry James Marshall: History of painting Kerry James Marshall, the American artist, is increasingly being recognised as a significant painter and modern master.  He studied a wide range of art from the great masters from European history to abstract expressionism and pop art and all the essential work in-between.  As a result of Marshall devouring and truly penetrating what had gone on before, he has developed a broad theoretical understanding and technical skills.  His work confronts questions about what is represented in art and more importantly what has been left out.  In this review of Kerry James Marshall: History of Painting at David Zwirner’s gallery in London, I want to look at… Read More »Kerry James Marshall: History of painting

Stuart Bush Studio Notes, Sean Scully paintings, sean scully art, sean scully prints

A review of Sean Scully’s paintings

A review of Sean Scully’s paintings – ‘Uninsideout’ exhibition, BlainSouthern London until 17th November In a career spanning 6 decades, Sean Scully in 2018 has 10 solo shows around the world, including an exhibition of sculpture at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park until 6 January 2019.  During this review of Sean Scully’s paintings at ‘Uninsideout’ exhibition at BlainSouthern in London, I want to discuss Scully’s approach to the use form and colour and the intensity in his work.   The Irish born abstract painter Sean Scully grow up in London.  He later moved to New York where he established a studio.  Sean’s work explores a grid structure as a way to interpret the… Read More »A review of Sean Scully’s paintings

Tomma Abts, Hebe, Stuart Bush Studio Blog, Tomma Abts Serpentine Exhibition review

Tomma Abts review

Tomma Abts Serpentine exhibition review Tomma Abts’s quiet and unique work could never be described as pretty.  Her strange visual illusions at first glance look like 1950s wallpaper.  Each painting contains zigzags, puzzles and twists on her trademark sized 48 x 38cm canvases. Tomma worked mainly on canvases of this size for the last 20 years, only recently introducing, different sized and shaped canvas.  Abts (1967) is a German-born painter who lives in London. In 2006 Tomma won the Turner Prize and has since gone on to exhibit in many institutions around the world.  In this Tomma Abts Serpentine exhibition review, I want to discuss her interesting static compositions and consider what… Read More »Tomma Abts review

Review of ‘All too human’

A review of ‘All too human, Bacon, Freud and a century of painting life’ at Tate Britain ‘All too human, Bacon, Freud and a century of painting life’ at Tate Britain, begins by following British painting after the Second World War. At this time in our history rumours about what had happened during the Holocaust were trickling into the media. During this period many books and essays were written as people tried to come to terms with what had taken place. This experience encouraged intellectuals to look inwards and ask hard questions about the purpose of human existence. It was complexing to hear about the atrocities and then to consider how… Read More »Review of ‘All too human’

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Before, During and ‘Afterimage’ – a review of Sarah Sze exhibition at Victoria Miro Gallery, London.

Before, During and ‘Afterimage’ – a review of Sarah Sze exhibition Sarah Sze is well known for her sculptures of large-scale installations. When l walked into the exhibition I was immediately meet by the flood of ideas. Sarah stimulating installations take the detritus from the frame, and her work appears to explode as if trying to escape.  She instinctively relies on her painter’s instincts, as ‘Afterimage’ takes a closer look at the artist’s working practices as she looks at the relationships between objects in space and the contradictions between them. Sarah Sze international art career started in the 1990s. In 2003 she won the MacArthur Fellowship. In 2013 she represented the… Read More »Before, During and ‘Afterimage’ – a review of Sarah Sze exhibition at Victoria Miro Gallery, London.