Art Exhibitions London

Art exhibitions London

My blog is like a visual diary disclosing experiments, wrong turns, small discoveries & breakthroughs in contemporary art.  When visiting art exhibitions in London, I write, record and discuss what artists do to invigorate my painting practice.

My ‘Art Exhibitions London’ reviews are also about helping people to know more, do more and be more.

Picasso paints want he knows

Picasso paints want he knows rather what he sees The subject of this exhibition ‘Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame, Tragedy,’ is the influence of love, fame and tragedy on Picasso’s painting over a one year period.  This year-long output is a rich visual diary which gives away a great deal about the artist; from his professional career to the way he worked and his personal life.  There are more than one hundred pieces of artwork, showing Picasso’s entanglements with love and fame, his convolutions with colour and form, and his intricacies as the 20th century’s most influential artist. Using this review, I am seeking to unpick how a highly accomplished artist approached… Read More »Picasso paints want he knows

Stuart Bush studio notes, peter doig

A painting paradise – Peter Doig review

A painting paradise – A review of Peter Doig exhibition at Michael Werner, London A fictional world of colourful hues surrounds me as I go from one work to another.  I feel like I’m between cultures and countries at Peter Doig’s show at the Michael Werner Gallery, London.  Peter Doig born in 1959 in Edinburgh, has lived in Trinidad since 2002.  He studied at Wimbledon School of Art, Saint Martins School of Art and Chelsea School of Art. He is a professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Dusseldorf, Germany.  In reviewing this exhibition, I’m interested in contemplating Peter Doig methods, techniques, and content in order to consider how an acclaimed artist approaches… Read More »A painting paradise – Peter Doig review

Rose Wylie exhibition review

Rose Wylie exhibition review; the benefits of having a independent studio practice Rose Wylie was born in 1934 in Kent. She studied in Folkestone and Dover School of Art and at the Royal College of Art. After completing her MA at the age of 47, she started her career and since then has spent most of her time in the art world wilderness. In the last few years however, Rose’s career has taken off, and she is receiving deserved recognition. She has won the Charles Wollaston 2011 and the John Moores 2014 prizes and has her latest show at the Serpentine in the Sackler Gallery. Rose Wylie’s work is a… Read More »Rose Wylie exhibition review

Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britain

The spaces we live and survive in – Rachel Whiteread Rachel Whiteread was born in 1963 and grew up in London.  After studying painting at Brighton Polytechnic she enrolled on a sculpture masters at Slade School of Art.  Rachel takes casts of familiar objects like hot water bottles and furniture. She uses the traditional casting processes of plaster, resin, rubber and concrete to encourage the viewer to rethink their spatial relationship with everyday forms. In this review of Rachel’s exhibition at the Tate Britain gallery in London, I’m interested in exploring what it is that is so intriguing about Rachel’s exploration of space and what I can learn from her approach to making art.   Tate… Read More »Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britain

Transient Space – review

‘Transient Space’ Parafin Gallery review I often walk the streets of London and wonder about the space I am looking at and the transient passing of time.  I wonder what I should take from my short lived fleeting moments.  This is the subject of a group show at Parafin Gallery in London titled the ‘Transient Space’ as artists Mike Ballard, Nathan Coley, Keith Coventry, Tim Head, Melanie Manchat and Abigail Reynolds explore the space in the city. Parafin Gallery just off Bond Street has been open for three years and shows emerging and established artists.  While I was there, I felt that l had two floors to myself in the slender… Read More »Transient Space – review

Giacometti’s endless strive for perfection

Alberto Giacometti at Tate Modern (10 May – 10 September 2017) The figure was a challenging subject after the war.  For many artists, it appeared an almost impossible theme and one that Alberto Giacometti felt he had to take on in his art. The Swiss sculpture, painter, draughtsman and printmaker savoured the challenge of confronting man’s inhumanity to man with such determination that he spent his life working towards this goal in an endless strive for perfection.  The exhibition at Tate Modern takes a fresh look at Giacometti’s modern art, asking questions about the success of Giacometti’s life work. In this review, I am interested in considering the competing advantages… Read More »Giacometti’s endless strive for perfection

Drawings in space

  Forms in Space…by light (in time), an installation by Cerith Wyn Evans Tate Britain Commission, 28 March – 20 August 2017   When walking into the Duveen Gallery at Tate Britain in London, I was confronted with a juxtaposition of neo-classical architecture with a manifestation of neon lights in the space.  I immediately felt the needed to stop and gaze in awe and give myself some time to take it in.  Cerith Wyn Evans’s installation of apparently random curves, loops and lines is almost 2 kilometres long and is an exciting, surprising discursive experience that gives the viewer space to contemplate.   Cerith Wyn Evans was born in 1958 and started… Read More »Drawings in space

Howard Hodgkin, Stuart Bush Studio, Discover your taste in art

Hodgkin says goodbye to absent friends

Howard Hodgkin exhibition review at the National Portrait Gallery in London 2017 Ever since I was interested in art, I have always seen Howard Hodgkin as one of my artists whose work resonates strongly with me. In this review of Howard Hodgkin’s Absent Friends exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, I want to explore, understand and put into words (if that is possible) what it is about Hodgkin’s paintings that have managed to turn mere paintings into objects of contemplation and hold my curiosity for so many years.  At the same time say goodbye to another great artist; Howard Hodgkin died on 9th March 2017, two weeks before this show opened.… Read More »Hodgkin says goodbye to absent friends

Richard Wilson exhibition review

Re-evaluating our relationship to space – Richard Wilson, Stealing Space, exhibition review When l saw an image of the installation of Richard’s show l was intrigued and decided to visit.   Richard Wilson, the Turner Prize-nominated artist, has been exhibiting for 35 years and has won universal critical acclaim.  In this review of his exhibition ‘Stealing Spaces’ at the Annely Juda Fine Art gallery in London l was interested in how he uses different materials and ideas to draw attention to our relationship with space.   His work titled, ‘20:50‘ (1987) is an installation of oil in a room up to waist height and helped draw attention to his practice… Read More »Richard Wilson exhibition review