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The inspirational work of Egon Schiele

Stuart Bush Studio notes, Egon Schiele

The inspirational work of Egon Schiele

One artist, I found inspiring as a student was the inspirational work of Egon Schiele.  Egon Schiele was known for drawing mainly portraits and self-portraits. He worked in a striking graphic style that challenged the notion of beauty.  It would be easy to have a fleeting look at Egon drawings and mistake them to be only about sexual arousal or pornography, but that misses the intent and the reason behind his work. Egon not only shows sex as beautiful, but he also demonstrates how he questions and adores life.


At aged 16, Egon enrolled in the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He died at the young age of 28. In those few years, he made some of the most enduring and intriguing work. I am very interested in understanding what it is in Egon Schiele’s work that encouraged me to follow my interest in art.



The inspirational work of Egon Schiele, Stuart Bush Studio

Egon Schiele, Green Stockings, all copywrites remain with the artist

Stuart Bush Studio Notes – The inspirational work of Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele

Egon was a prolific artist making over 3000 works over his short life. Egon had a concise way of working, similar to a poem, conveying rich experiences and emotions.  There is satisfaction from the artistry, extracting something from the seductive delights of life. Each one has an intensity and beauty capturing our physical existence and our desperation in being a person.


Egon showed a unique and anguished look at our situation. He enjoyed the cropping of the frame with low direct angles in his drawings. The tortuous crooked fingers and appendages ask questions about our function, design and purpose. Each artwork generating meaning in its own way.


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In Egon’s drawings, he cultivated his own unique view to add to deepen our understanding of life. Looking back at his work I understand why his work gave me a purpose to be an artist. Egon Schiele’s fact-finding mission to record evidence about what life was really like, with anger, sexual frustration and bewilderment, reminds me how I saw the world as a young adolescent. Egon Schiele’s work creates a porthole to a greater understanding of the human condition and the beauty of life.


I continue to find his work easy to identify with and through writing this, I have a better understanding of why I followed the path into becoming an artist.  I have really enjoyed returning to look again at the work of Egon Schiele. Please share with me the artists that have given you direction, purpose and sense who you might become.


Egon Schiele, Stuart Bush Studio

Egon Schiele, Standing male figure (self-portrait) 1914. Photograph © National Gallery in Prague 2017

Stuart Bush Studio Notes

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