Everything is abstract

Stuart Bush Studio Notes, everything is abstract

“Everything is abstract, in my language of paint”

I love going for walks, and I often take my camera with me. I sometimes feel like a child discovering nature. As I walk, I react to the spaces. I have come to realise that if I look at what I want to express long enough, I can see everything in shapes, forms, lines and edges. These forces leave marks in my mind and l discover aspects that I have never seen or described before. Everything becomes abstract in my language of paint.


I take lots of photographs, they function like preparation sketches or reference material taking me back to that place in time.  To that moment, when I got hit by a bolt from the blue.

Stuart Bush Studio Notes

Making a better painting than I did yesterday

When I am back in my studio making work, the photographs and the follow-up sketches help me to rediscover the moments. The moments that started my curiosity. I seek to transfer those moments in time, from my head, to my hand and to the brush. In my head an electric storm cloud of nature and human circumstances forms.


I take pleasure in breaking things down into the language of paint. Whether figurative, landscape or some kind of vector of movement. I look for negative shapes and notice the lines and edges in-between. I see it all through this lens of abstraction.

Stuart Bush Studio Notes, it won't make you happy

Stuart Bush, It won’t make you happy installation shot

“Everything is abstract, in my language of paint”

One brushstroke at a time

I notice the colours; however, I no longer try not to imitate them. They have to be felt as they pass through my imagination. When I follow my own path with regards to colour, I can heighten what my intuition tells me. And I break free from a naturalist description.


This intuition, this regular activity of my brain, is used to letting go. My brain has become conditioned to see things that I had previously taken for granted. It has changed my view of the world and the way I perceive it. When I go back into the outside world, l want to explore deeper meanings.  I search for those chance encounters that pull me down the rabbit hole. Then when I stand in front of the canvas, I jump into that charged recollection with both feet.  I grasp the slippery fish between space and time, I feel the need to draw out hidden realities.

Stuart Bush Studio Notes

What Abstract Art Means to Me – Willem de Kooning

Instead of looking at a person or people in the landscape, I look for the underlying human relationship between forms. I take great pleasure in noticing the shapes and forms the world is made of. The formal qualities and negative space are moments of joy. Like the space in a piece of music or a poem.


I have had to practice my art for extended periods. But now it feels like l see more than twice as much as l did before. The world has opened up and engulfed me. I am not always sure of what I am doing, and I have come to realise that is good news. If I knew what I was doing, there would be no reason to do it.


“Everything is abstract, in my language of paint”

How does a new artwork come about?

How boring life would it be if I knew all the answers? I love the mystery, that is why I paint. I always think I can do a better next time. Everything is abstract, in my language of paint.

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