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I am longing for change

Stuart Bush Longing for change

I am longing for change

I keep thinking that before World War Two, and the rise of commercialism and mass communication, keeping people’s attention must have been easy. When it came to looking at art back then, everyone’s eyes must have been used to following the lines around a traditional representation painting.  However, since the Covid-19 pandemic, I now wonder how the world is going to look. Will it be the same again? I feel like this is a rare moment in our lives. I am sure I will always look back at and remember it. As the world shrinks and cuts back there is an opportunity in this chaos to find ourselves. To change and transform things once again. I feel we are catching a glimpse of the everyday experience from a different perspective. I don’t know about you, but I am really longing for change.


When the fear falls away, and the water receded what will happen then? Will COVID-19 be a historic missed opportunity to tackle the global climate change? Or with Boris and Trump leading us into stumbling into Armageddon, will their lies dam us.  It is like ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ wrapped into one. I hope somehow we will realise we are part of a selfless, infinite cycle of birth and death, with no beginning and no end. Time keeps flowing, but will things get any better? In my painting, “I am longing for change,” I face up to tearing down what has gone before, to be part of the reconstruction.

Stuart Bush Studio longing for change

Stuart Bush, I’m longing for change, (2020) oil on canvas 51 x 71.2 x 5cm close-up

Stuart Bush Studio Notes

Jealous of other artist’s work

As an artist, I want to tear down the system and ask can a painting be a wedge to turn over an entire building or even the capitalist system as we know it? Looking back from the future, will we see what is happening like a transitory moment, a missed opportunity, perhaps where we could have grown into something brand new? But I am curious, how do you light a spark that brings change and an entirely new way of being?


It is hard to see how things will be transformed. Most favourable opportunities pass and go unnoticed. It bit like my painting. The moment in the painting was grabbed before it slipped away. You could look at it repeatedly, again and again before you see the entire picture. But we are often too distracted in our busy lives to care. On the first view of, ‘I am longing for change,’ the viewer just looks at the outermost layer of the surface. However, it has thousands of focal layers on top of each other.

Stuart Bush, I'm longing for change

Stuart Bush, I’m longing for change, oil on canvas 51 x 71.2 x 5cm

I am longing for change

Making life visible

By looking at the parts, you can find a reason why I made it. There is a visual ignorance that the painting points to. You slowly realise the painting is showing you something you haven’t seen before.


What going on here? As you look, you slowly realise you have a lack of peripheral vision. You either focus on the surface, the subject matter, the composition or the colours.  The viewer has to search to realise how to really look beyond what it all means together.

Stuart Bush Studio Notes, I'm longing for change

Stuart Bush 2020, I’m longing for change, 20×28 cm giclée fine art print, in a 46x54cm Vienna frame

Stuart Bush Studio Notes

It is painting about how we move through experience into an entirely new world of things going on. The colour and forms are like distracting thoughts. It is a painting of the things that you didn’t see in the beginning. It is about disrupting representation and norms. And about how three-dimensionality and the world can be changed.

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