I wish I could paint every day

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I wish I could paint every day…

Every day I paint I have an adventure into the unknown.


Every day I am excited by the possibilities in the work.


Every day I paint I enjoy the production of novelty the most.


Every day I paint, I decide what I want to work on the night before.  My unconscious mind thinks and contemplates it overnight. The next day I effortlessly to know where to start.


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Every day I paint I don’t make it overly complicated.


Every day I paint my studio has to be free from distractions so l can get into a creative flow and stay in it. I get completely caught up and saturated in what I am doing.  The painting leads the way, my hand and brush are in control rather than my brain.  I have a deep involvement with the activity and time becomes distorted.


Every day I paint, it is not clear what needs to be done. The solution is elusive and an accident. Only when I am in a flow of creativity, unconscious decision-making takes place. I surprise myself and produce work I am happy with.


Stuart Bush Studio, No bodies fault, I wish I could paint every day

©Stuart Bush Nobodies fault detail, I wish I could paint every day

Every day I paint, I try to be satisfied when the work is complete. If I put unnecessary pressure and stress on myself and let my perfectionist outlook win, the results are never good enough to meet my standards.


Every day I paint I hope something good will come, but if it doesn’t, I don’t worry. Whether it is good or bad, that really doesn’t matter.  When I finish, I always turn the work towards the wall and quickly move on to the next task.


Every day I paint I consider the work from previous sessions and give myself feedback. This enables me to move forward. I have to decide which ideas can be developed and which direction to take and then l know what to work on during the next session.


Every day I paint I am unsure if I am getting anywhere.  Often I take one step forward, two steps sideways and one backwards.  Every little while I stop and look back. Over months and years rather than days I learn something new and l know l am growing as a painter and as a person.


Every day I paint I am not interested in money and fame.  It’s the pursuit that counts, not the attainment.  I always enjoy and have fun within the process.


Every day I paint I work towards achieving something meaningful. My lifelong ambition is to make a significant contribution to culture.  In doing so, I hope to help the human condition.


Every day I paint I love what I do. I love the process of making art more than the work I produce.


I wish I could paint every day.


Stuart Bush Studio, No bodies fault, I wish I could paint every day

©Stuart Bush, Nobodies fault, oil on board 70.2 x 50.4 x 3.6cm, I wish I could paint every day

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